Women's Barefoot Shoes

Women's Barefoot Shoes

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Duchess and Fox Minimalist Shoes For Women

Our shoes are not only stylish, but they are loaded with natural foot health benefits.  

From errands to fancy outings, we have you covered with our ultra-comfortable 100% genuine leather footwear.

Our shoes are packed with these awesome benefits:

☑️ Ultra-flexible 3mm rubber soles

☑️ Zero drop soles, promoting better posture

☑️ No arch support so that weight is distributed to the ball and arch of your foot

☑️ A roomy toe box that allows for natural foot splay

☑️ Made of genuine leather

☑️ Proudly handmade in the heart of California

Handmade in the USA

Handcrafted in our Southern California workshop of premium, genuine leathers.

Barefoot like movement

Minimalist and ultra-flexible soft sole baby shoes to resemble barefoot-like movement for optimal foot development form the very start.