Moccasins for infant, baby, toddler

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Duchess and Fox Moccasins are made of high quality genuine leather and come in a variety of colors. Not only are they cute, but they are optimal for the development of your child's feet. They allow your child's foot to hug the ground as though they were walking barefoot. The American Association of Pediatrics states that this helps your child to improve balance and coordination in the early stages of walking.

Our baby moccasins are the perfect choice for your little newborn, crawler, or walker.
Durable, sustainable, and 100% handmade in the USA!

The Perfect Baby Moccasins

Handmade in the USA

Handcrafted in our Southern California workshop of premium, genuine leathers.

Barefoot like movement

Minimalist and ultra-flexible soft sole baby shoes to resemble barefoot-like movement for optimal foot development form the very start.