Seven Amazing Benefits of Wearing Women's Minimalist Shoes

Seven Amazing Benefits of Wearing Women's Minimalist Shoes

Seven Amazing Benefits of Wearing Women's Minimalist Shoes

Maybe you’ve heard the gossip. Women’s minimalist shoes are so in. We cover the basics in What Are Women’s Minimalist Shoes if you're new to the trend. 

Minimalist shoes are just different. They’re a complete 180 from the “popular” shoes many women wear today, like high heels, tight sneakers, and loose flip-flops. 

What’s the point of buying another pair of shoes? What do minimalist (or barefoot) shoes have that others don’t? The many benefits, of course! Your posture, feet, and body will thank you for investing in high-quality minimalist shoes. 

Today this article will use “minimalist shoes” and “barefoot shoes” to refer to the same thing! 

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Natural movement 

Your foot is in a completely natural, flat position with a zero-drop heel. You can wiggle those toes and move your foot with complete control and flexibility. 

With a traditional, rigid shoe, your foot is trapped within the confines of the hard surfaces. Stiff shoes can pinch toes, make you feel uncomfortable, and takes away your ability for natural movements, as you can only move within the confines of the hard surroundings. 

So what does this really mean? Your gait and walk will be completely natural, as if you aren't wearing any shoes!  

Natural foot splay and position 

Minimalist shoes have features your feet will love. Every barefoot or minimalist shoe comes with a wide toe box. Wide toe boxes are exactly what they sound like, a wide area in the front of the shoe for your toes to splay fully! Regular, rigid shoes have slim or narrow areas to hold toes. 

Wide toe boxes are much more comfortable for your feet. Instead of having pinched toes when you walk, your gait is as natural as if you were walking barefoot. Hence the term “barefoot shoes.” 

Once your foot finally has the freedom to lay in a natural position at all times, it’s hard going back to rigid shoes. The confines of a stiff shoe become alarmingly apparent when you have to squeeze your feet and toes into the small space. 

Minimalist shoes are made for your feet, while standard, hard sole shoes are made for you to squeeze your foot into. 

Made from the best materials 

Our favorite pair of women’s minimalist shoes come from Duchess and Fox-–of course. Duchess and Fox women’s minimalist shoes are made with 100% genuine cowhide leather. What does this mean for your foot? The ultimate comfort, protection, and style are wrapped into one shoe. 

Soft leather is cozy and protects feet from all elements. It’s also a sustainable option to protect the environment. There is no wasted plastic, harmful chemicals, or other substances that are impossible to recycle! 

Opt for genuine leather or canvas if you’re looking for the most protective material. These materials will last longer and protect your foot and support foot health. 

Gorgeous design 

Have you seen the options for women’s minimalist shoes these days? They’re absolutely popping. Whether you’re looking for a sandal, Mary Janes, running shoe, or winter boot, the women’s minimalist shoe options have exploded in recent years. 

The design you wind up with depends entirely on the material they’re made with. Canvas or cloth minimalist shoes are easier to customize and can have fun prints or patterns. In contrast, soft leather shoes are usually a solid color that is more difficult to customize. But it’s not impossible!  

Duchess and Fox’s women’s minimalist shoe option is a classic Mary Jane shoe. There are ten color options for the Mary Jane. Including a bold, bright red, and leopard print. The leopard print is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement, and the bright red Mary Janes are perfect for women who want to show their fashion sense. 


Shoes made from high-quality materials, like Duchess and Fox’s women's minimalist shoes, have a long life. Made from 100% genuine cowhide leather, you can wear barefoot shoes until they fall apart. We mean that literally. 

Genuine leather shoes are not your standard “cheapo rigid shoes” from the grocery store that wear out after six months. While we do recommend having more than one pair of women’s minimalist shoes, especially as the seasons change, but one pair should last you a while. 

How long will they last? Well, that depends on your lifestyle! If you’re an active gal or guy and regularly go on hikes or long strolls, then it’s safe to assume your shoes will wear out more quickly. If you only wear your minimalist shoes for special occasions or on weekends, your shoes will probably last for many years! 

We recommend having shoes for different activity types—one pair for long walks, one for fancy events, etc. 

Feel the earth 

The only thing standing between your foot and the earth— in a minimalist shoe—is a soft sole. Soft soles allow you to experience the environment and world without suffering any injuries. The soft sole—and other materials the shoe is made from—protect your foot while still allowing you to connect with the ground and natural environment.  

Minimalist and barefoot shoes are a totally different sensory experience than a standard hard sole shoe. Everyday shoes with hard soles create a firm barrier between your foot and the world. With a thin sole, your feet will be able to access a complete sensory connection to the earth as nature intended. 

A shoe for every season 

There are minimalist shoes for every season. You don’t want to wear boots to the beach, just like you don’t want to wear sandals in the snow. 

Having the proper footwear saves you discomfort and ensures optimal foot health. You can wear Duchess and Fox Women’s Mary Janes at any time of the year. But if you’re looking for a winter boot or running shoe, you’ll need to branch out and check out some of the best barefoot shoes for women.  

Best women’s minimalist shoes 

Duchess and Fox’s Mary Janes collection is the best option for women ready to make the switch! Give your foot and body more control with a natural shoe option. 

Why do women love the Mary Janes? They come in ten colors, so there’s something to match every woman’s style, and they’re ridiculously comfortable.

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