Best Barefoot Shoes for Women

Best Barefoot Shoes for Women

Best Barefoot Shoes for Women

Treat your toes and feet to a roomier, better experience with barefoot shoes. Barefoot shoes, also known as minimalist shoes, keep your feet closer to their environment and allow you to walk naturally.


Many women have switched from heels and other tight shoe options to spacious barefoot shoes. What used to be a niche item is now one of the most popular footwear options for women today.

What Are Barefoot Shoes?

To be classified as a barefoot shoe, each piece of footwear must have a wide toe box (for better movement), minimal cushioning, and a flexible, zero-drop sole.

The purpose of barefoot or minimalist shoes is to allow your feet more freedom to move naturally. This strengthens your feet and maintains a natural gait, which encourages healthy posture.


While barefoot shoes work well for many people, be sure to follow a proper transition period, and please note that they may not work for everyone.

The History of the Barefoot Shoe Movement

After the release of the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall in the early 2000s, the interest in barefoot shoes exploded. What was once a niche product quickly became mainstream footwear with the introduction of barefoot-style shoes for running, hiking, and everyday life.


Today you can find barefoot-style shoes for everything from extreme sports to important events like weddings or graduations. There are many different styles of footwear and so many options to choose from. That’s why we’ve gathered the best barefoot shoes for women to help narrow your search. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Barefoot Shoe for Women

Choosing the right shoe is incredibly important, especially when selecting barefoot footwear. Every minimalist shoe has a unique balance of basic protection and support (with some providing more support and protection than others).


Each pair of shoes should allow you to move naturally while protecting from external factors like debris and weather. You also need to consider your foot type and regular activities.


Here are some common factors and conditions to consider: arch height, foot conditions, activity level, terrain, and pronation. These factors will help you determine what pair of minimalist shoes to pick.


How will you know if you’ve found the right shoe? The right pair will be comfortable while allowing you to live your normal life and complete daily activities. A good pair of barefoot shoes will help improve balance and stability and comfort your feet throughout the day.

Top 3 Best Barefoot Shoes for Women

Are you interested in the best barefoot shoes for women? Here are the top picks for women this year.

1. Duchess and Fox Women’s Mary Janes

What’s better than beautiful barefoot shoes? Beautiful, handmade shoes that let you walk in style and comfort. Duchess and Fox are well-known for their adorable kid's footwear, with star power from their kid's minimalist shoes like baby moccasins, sandals, and Oxfords


They also make incredible barefoot shoes for women too! Mary Janes have all the important features needed in high-quality barefoot shoes with flexible, zero-drop soles, a roomy toe box, and soft premium leather to transform them into classic, everyday wear.


Mary Janes are the best barefoot shoe for women who want a more comfortable way of life. They allow your feet to move naturally while maintaining impeccable style and sophistication. You can walk in comfort while letting your inner fashionista rule the roost.

2. Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III


Slip into some barefoot athletic shoes that make life a lot more comfortable. Vivobarefoot’s minimalist shoe design carries all the features you’ll love in barefoot-style shoes for women.


They make the perfect companion for your next long walk with a wide-toe box and breathable material. With each step, your feet will return to their natural gait while strengthening the muscles in your feet and legs. It’s a versatile shoe that you can use for strenuous physical activity or boarding your next flight. 


Runners making the transition to barefoot shores should be wary of barefoot running. Most podiatrists recommend running with regular or barefoot running shoes to avoid different “types of harm.” A lightweight pair of sneakers like Primus Lite III provides a zero-drop sole to give runners the barefoot experience.

3. Lems Women’s Boulder Boot Vegan 

Those living in regions with winter weather may need a barefoot boot that can do it all. Lems Women’s Boulder Boot is the perfect solution for women who can’t wear sandals or tennis shoes all year round. And they’re even vegan!


Made with vegan leather, the material is lightweight and flexible, allowing the foot true freedom. The roomy toe box allows a natural splay and provides incredible comfort, even if you’re wearing thick winter socks.


A zero-drop sole is what makes these boots different than traditional winter shoes. The barefoot shoe allows you to walk with a natural gait and posture, which is hard to find in winter shoes.


Step into this cozy pair of boots, and it’ll feel like you’re wearing your favorite pair of Christmas socks.

What are the Best Barefoot Shoes for Women?

The best barefoot shoes for women are unique to each person's lifestyle, and the primary focus should be on how you spend your time. If you spend a lot of time in the office or attending parties with friends, then a pair of Mary Janes from Duchess and Fox will be your feet’s new BFF.

Those who lead a more active lifestyle may find their bonny companion in Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III, while those who need a sturdier shoe due to weather or intense activities like hiking should opt for Lems Women’s Boulder Boot Vegan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best barefoot shoes for walking?

It depends on your lifestyle and activities, but we’d recommend the Mary Janes from Duchess and Fox or the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III. The Mary Janes are the perfect “everyday” shoe that are stylish and chic, and the Primus Lite III is better for women who wear athleisure or sneakers daily.

Are barefoot shoes bad for your feet?

No, but you will need to take the time to transition into wearing barefoot shoes. Unfortunately, you can’t jump headfirst into wearing barefoot or minimalist shoes. There is a transition period of six to eight weeks where you’ll need to build up strength and allow your feet (and body) time to adapt to the new shoes.


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