Trail Blazer Fringe Boots

Stylish, unique, handmade baby and toddler shoes

Baby and Toddler Moccasins with flare

Back in 2015, when Duchess and Fox was born, I sat at my kitchen table and hand drafted the vision for our exclusive Trail Blazers, an ultra fringe moccasin boot that has stolen the hearts of our customers since it's inception.

What are Trail Blazers moccasins boots?

Our Trail Blazers are one of a kind!  And an original design.  They feature three layers of bouncy fringe and are fastened by elastic, making them easy on and off for babies and toddlers alike.  

Duchess and Fox ultra-flexible rubber sole technology

We know that soft sole is best for babies and children, from newborn to age five.  At Duchess and Fox, we believe in the importance of open toe boxes and zero drop, ultra flexible soles.  Our soles are made with rubber that is manufactured exclusively for our product. They have a lot of traction, but they are soft and thin enough to roll up into a little ball, making them a prime choice for little feet that need to feel the ground beneath them, but also want an extra layer of protection.

If your little one still isn't walking, grab a pair of our shoes in soft sole leather bottom for the ultimate cozy experience.