Mary Janes





Soft and Flexible Handmade Baby Shoes

Finding the right footwear for your little one can be tough, but we're here to make it easy.

Baby Girl Mary Janes

Newborn babies often need shoes to keep their little toes warm and protected from the elements, or to match a cute outfit. Little ones that are not mobile yet don't need shoes with a lot of grip. This is why soft-soled options are perfect as outer foot protection. These are available in sizes one and two.


Mary Janes For Toddlers

When shopping for toddler shoes, there are many things to consider. Once your little girl starts teetering around and getting onto their feet, a little more traction is needed. Our ultra-flexible rubber soles are perfect for the mobile stage. They ensure that your little one has long-lasting shoes with all the traction they need.


Ultra-Flexible Rubber Soles

What sets a pair of soft sole shoes apart? Soft sole shoes are often measured on their ability to bend, from toe to heel, allowing for natural movement and proper grounding. 
Duchess and fox ultra-flexible rubber soles are soft enough to bend from heel to toe, yet remain durable and slip resistant for all of your little ones adventures.