Why are Soft Sole Baby Shoes Best for Growing Feet?

Why are Soft Sole Baby Shoes Best for Growing Feet?

Soft sole baby shoes have become all the rage in children's fashion and footwear. But why do so many moms and dads love them and sing them praises?

We will discover the many benefits of soft sole shoes for babies and how they help your baby's feet grow and develop. Be sure to check out the basics of soft soled baby shoes here before diving into the significant benefits.

A baby's foot is an integral part of their body, and as they grow, we want to help them transition to walking on different surfaces -even rough or slippery surfaces- with confidence.

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Benefits of soft soled baby shoes

There are many benefits to getting your munchkin the flexible, soft shoe they deserve. They aid foot development, comfort, and are an essential support while they grow.

Even the APMA states that "babies' feet should be protected in lightweight, flexible footwear made of natural materials."

Here's why soft soled baby shoes are best!

Comfort and easy to walk in

A soft sole shoe provides a comfortable space for children's feet to move about and explore hard surfaces. Unlike a rigid shoe, a soft-soled shoe is different from a restrictive shoe that pinches the feet and feels uncomfortable moving or wiggling their feet in.

The flexible soles, soft leather, and spacious toe area are a comfortable space for little ones learning to walk. We don't want their feet to become uncomfortable in tight toe areas, which is often experienced with a stiff, rigid shoe.

Room to grow and foot development

The proper footwear will help their delicate bones by giving them room to grow without affecting their foot development. Soft sole shoes give their feet plenty of room to wiggle around and allow their foot muscles to gain confidence and strength, which is precisely what you want!

The flexible sole is lightweight and allows your child's foot to grip the floor properly. This grip will enable children to work on their balance, coordination, and overall foot development.

Soft soled shoes are the perfect tool when your baby starts walking.

Protection and safety

The right pair of soft soled shoes will protect your little one's feet from a vast number of things in the world. Their new little booties can protect them from cold surfaces, cold temperatures, slippery surfaces, and even potentially dangerous surfaces.

Baby shoes protect them from the outside world and environment. While there are many things you can't control, you can control what shoes you place on your child's feet.

We know what you're thinking "soft soled shoes with flexible material won't protect my baby's feet," but they will. They can easily grip the floor with their soft sole shoe and provide walking support; traditional shoes just don't.

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The disadvantages of a rigid shoe for infants and toddlers

Babies are supposed to be walking around barefoot when they start wobbling around and walking independently.

When placing shoes on your baby, the main goal is to protect their feet from injury or outside elements. Because your baby is crawling around and often doesn't place direct weight on their feet, there is no need for rigid, hard soled shoes.

A rigid soled shoe for babies can cause foot development problems and affect how the foot naturally develops.

Soft soled shoes with thin soles are better, and they help a baby explore their environment without harming foot development.

How long should a baby wear soft shoes?

All babies develop at different speeds, so it stands to reason that your munchkins will wear shoes slightly longer or less long than other babies you may know.

A baby can benefit from wearing soft soles until they are 24 months.

Until they are ready to switch to wearing rigid soled shoes, you can let your little one explore the world with bare feet or soft soled shoes.

Babies' feet are all different, so do what's best for your little one.

What shoes are best for baby feet

The best shoes for babies are soft soled shoes with a flexible sole and a grip on the bottom of the shoe.

The best pair of soft sole baby shoes are from Duchess and Fox. They provide genuine leather soft sole baby shoes for your little one.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best soft sole baby shoes?

Choose shoes that are easy for your little one to explore in, are comfortable, and provide the protection and support their feet need.

Our commitment to your little one

Your baby's feet are important to us at Duchess and Fox. We want their little feet to have only the best and avoid painful stubbed toes and uncomfortable footwear.

We have a wide range of stylish and extremely comfortable shoes to choose from. Your little one's feet can be clad in Mary Janes, Sandals, Moccasins, T-Straps, Oxfords, and Trail Blazer Fringe Moccasin Boots.

Why choose shoes from Duchess and Fox? All of our shoes are made from 100% genuine cowhide leather. The lightweight, durable material is breathable, soft, comfortable, and our style options are simply stellar.

Adorable starter shoes for your little one

One of our favorite pairs of shoes is the Cinnamon Moccasins. They're so cute you almost want to eat them. This pair of soft sole baby shoes are perfect for when your little guy -or gal- starts roving around the house, starts heading outside, and waddling around when they start walking. They're comfortable and are a seriously adorable addition to their wardrobe.

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