What are Soft Sole Baby Shoes?

What are Soft Sole Baby Shoes?

Let's chat, guys and gals, because soft sole baby shoes are here to stay. But, what are they?

We all know that itty-bitty baby shoes are undeniably cute, especially once you slide them onto your baby's feet. So what's the difference between an adorable pair of baby Nike's versus a handmade leather pair of soft sole shoes?

Well, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, there's a big difference. When it comes to your little ones growing feet and development, you want to provide them with the best baby walking shoes. The APMA states, "babies' feet should be protected in lightweight, flexible footwear made of natural materials." If you're interested in reading more, here is the APMA's Children's Foot Health guide.

Today we will get into the nitty-gritty of what soft sole baby shoes are, why parents buy them, and the significant purposes they serve.

The basics of soft sole baby shoes

Soft sole baby shoes are made so your baby's feet can grow, move, and adapt to their growing body. A baby's foot is an essential part of their body, and soft-soled shoes can provide the support they need when they aren't stomping around at home with bare feet.

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Comfortable shoe material

The APMA says babies need lightweight, flexible footwear. A few main types of material bring comfort and flexibility to your baby's feet. The material options are soft leather, cloth, or canvas. These types of comfortable material are classified as "soft sole shoes." This means any baby shoe made with leather, cloth, or canvas will provide the many benefits that soft sole baby shoes offer.

Non-restrictive and room for growing feet

You want to give your little one's feet room to grow! If you give your baby a rigid shoe with a hard sole, it will feel restrictive to their little feet, and it won't accommodate the growing and moving your baby's feet requires.

A soft sole shoe made from one of the materials listed above allow for proper growth and movement of a baby's bones.

Foot comfort

A baby's comfort is a priority for soft sole shoes, especially when compared to rigid shoes. Hard, rigid shoes are not comfortable for baby feet. I mean, how could they be? When those little feet grow and move, they don't want to rub up against a hard shoe surface.

Soft sole shoes come in many variations, such as booties, moccasins, sandals, and classic shoe shapes that allow comfort and healthy movement.

Movable and pliable

When your little one wiggles their feet and toes, we want them to be able to find movement and pliability within their shoe. While hard sole shoes don't provide that, soft sole shoes do!

A soft sole shoe will allow your baby to move their feet and toes naturally while still supporting their feet and movements. Babies can have total foot protection while exploring their new environment and soft sole shoes always give your baby extra grip.

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics agrees that soft sole shoes are best. They say shoes "should be closed-toe, comfortable, and flexible, with nonskid soles, and they should pro­vide room to grow."

What's the best material for soft sole baby shoes?

Now we know what baby shoes are and why they're essential, but what's the best material for a soft sole shoe?

Let's walk through the two best options and discuss the benefits of each.

Genuine leather or soft leather

The best option when it comes to soft sole shoes is genuine leather. It gives all of the listed benefits above and more. Genuine soft leather is a durable option, which means your little one can run amok until they move up in size. They won't fall apart, break, and need to be replaced. Soft sole shoes made from leather are also incredibly comfortable and allow full foot and toe movement and wiggling toes.

Soft leather shoes are the best choice for babies exploring and walking outdoors. They offer the best protection and durability.

Cloth or canvas

Cloth and canvas shoes come in many shapes and sizes. They are lightweight, breathable shoes perfect for growing babies and babies on the move. If you live in a very hot or humid part of the world, cloth and canvas can keep your baby's feet cool while still providing protection. Cloth and canvas shoes can come in very fun patterns too.

The main difference between cloth or canvas shoes and leather options is durability and protection. Babies may wear out cloth or canvas more quickly, and the material offers less protection for feet and toes from the outside world.

Walkers and crawlers

Are soft-soled shoes good for early walkers?

Yes! If your baby is walking and needs foot protection, the best shoes are soft sole shoes. The lightweight, flexible soft sole shoes provide your baby with exactly what their feet need. They can wear soft sole shoes inside and outside to explore the world.

What about crawlers?

Of course, if you want to provide foot protection for your baby, soft sole shoes are a great option. While they may not be walking yet, the soft sole shoe options are incredibly comfortable and help keep your baby's feet and toes safe.

Recap on soft sole baby shoes

They are a flexible shoe option made from materials that are not rigid. Soft sole shoes can be made from soft leather, cloth, canvas, and even genuine leather -the cream of the crop.

The best baby walking shoes will have soft soles and be made for a baby's toes and feet. You want to ensure the soft sole shoe has a good grip on the bottom of the shoe.

The AAP and APMA recommend babies use flexible footwear to start their walking journey.

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Our commitment to you

At Duchess and Fox, we want to provide your baby's feet with only the best soft sole shoes. We know a baby's shoes are an important part of their journey. We have committed to creating, testing, and improving our shoes and boots for baby use. Our shoes are made with only genuine leather and give your baby all the comfort and room they need to grow. If you are interested in learning more about our fun shoe options look at Mary Janes Baby Shoes: Infant and Toddler Shoes for Little Feet

We are happy to share our parent-endorsed product, the Truffle T-Straps. The Truffle T-Straps are made from 100% genuine premium leathers that perfectly form to your little one's toes and feet. We know how important it is to support healthy movement and growth, so we only bring the best soft sole shoes to our site. Our product line always comes with rubber sole bottoms, so baby's feet have proper gripping power, a zero drop sole for natural foot development, and they allow natural foot and toe splay. Even better, they're for both indoor and outdoor use, so your baby can have proper protection anywhere in the world.



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