What are Minimalist Shoes for Children?

What are Minimalist Shoes for Children?

What are Minimalist Shoes for Children?

Those cute little feet and adorable little toes deserve the TLC provided by minimalist shoes for children.

But, what are minimalist shoes?

Let's cover the basics of minimalist shoes for children. We'll discover what they are, what they're made out of, and why children should wear them.

Here's something we do know: kids shoes are integral to supporting their health and wellness. So we want to offer them the best shoes we can find!

*In this article, the terms minimalist shoes and barefoot shoes mean the same thing.

minimalist shoes for children

What are minimalist shoes for children?

The most straightforward answer: a minimalist shoe is a basic shoe that simulates walking barefoot.

A barefoot or minimalist shoe covers the foot and has a strap or button to keep the shoe secured to the foot. We hate to be the one to tell you, but unfortunately, flip flops don't count.

Children's feet don't need to be shoved into a small tight space that is unnecessary and uncomfortable.

The basic features of minimalist shoes for kids

There are key features in every pair of minimalist shoes for kids. They support healthy feet and are perfect for daily use.

Zero drop sole

A shoe with a "zero drop sole" or "zero drop platform" means the sole of a shoe is flat and has a straight, completely flat plane.

A zero drop sole lets your feet walk in the most natural position, simulating walking barefoot. They encourage flat feet and allow your body to form the best posture, with proper spine and hip alignment.

Flexible sole

Thin, flexible soles give the foot complete access to your environment while protecting the foot.

Having flexible soles means you have total control of your foot and all movements. With normal, rigid shoes, the muscles in the feet are stuck in one position all day long.

By wearing shoes with flexible soles and allowing your feet flexible, natural movement.

Wide toe box

When a foot is in its natural position, it has a wide toe splay. This is a normal and comfortable position for the foot to be in. Most rigid, hard shoes have narrow or slim spaces for the foot to fit into. That can be uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful for your feet or toes.

A wide toe box means no foot pain because the wide toe box allows for a full toe splay.

So why not just buy a cheap pair of shoes with a wide toe box from the store? Because wearing barefoot shoes means your kids' feet can experience a comfortable shoe experience. 

soft sole shoes for kids

What are minimalist shoes for kids made from?

Minimalist footwear isn't dull! Minimalist shoes can be made from all types of material.

Boots and rough outdoor shoes are generally made from a mix of leather, plastic, and other rubber materials.

Sandals, moccasins, and other minimalist shoes are made from a mix of cloth, genuine leather, and even cotton.

When choosing your little one's first pair of minimalist shoes, consider how active they are. Will they tear through the garden every day and run in the shoes for eight hours? Or do you have a more relaxed kiddo who loves to read? Pick a shoe and material that will last during whatever adventurous activities they love doing.

How to choose minimalist shoes for kids

Barefoot shoes for kids should have a wide toe box that emulates a natural foot shape!

Wearing minimalist shoes isn't a punishment. You want your kid's feet to be comfy, cozy and have happy little toes.

It would be best to let your kiddo wear shoes their feet and toes feel comfortable in. That's the whole point of barefoot kids' shoes. They have room to move, grow, and explore the world around them.

If your kid loves running, you can even find them a pair of barefoot running shoes!

We all know that wearing shoes is important! What your little one loves doing, you can support them by finding them a pair of supportive shoes they love.

To get extra advice from a medical professional, be sure to check out the APMA’s Children’s Foot Health guide

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Are minimalist shoes worth the price?

YES! And some of the best barefoot shoes won't break the bank, and they offer incredible benefits for your sweetheart's feet and toes.

Affordable barefoot shoes are easy to find! So many great brands make great minimalist shoes for all seasons.

Our favorite barefoot shoe brand is Duchess and Fox, of course. We have a range of incredible minimalist shoes for children. The shoes are made from 100% genuine leather and come with soft, flexible soles.

What are the best minimalist shoes for children?

The best minimalist shoes for kids are ones they enjoy wearing!

Chat with your kid (if they're old enough) about what shoes they enjoy wearing, what are the most comfortable for their feet, and what they want to wear every day! You want to spend money on a pair of shoes that they'll want to wear out from use. Saving you money and time spent shopping.

Of course, we always recommend the shoe is incredibly comfortable and cozy!

We think Duchess and Fox shoes are the best. They are lovingly made with 100% genuine cowhide leather to bring protection and safety to your feet. Duchess and Fox carries all types of styles, colors, and fashionable shoes for any wardrobe or season.

Our favorite minimalist shoes for children at Duchess and Fox

There are so many minimalist shoes to love at Duchess and Fox. That being said, one of our favorite pairs of shoes is the Butterscotch Oxfords. Made from 100% genuine cowhide leather, they are soft, durable, flexible shoes with a firm grip. Oxfords are a gender-neutral option that treats your little ones' feet like royalty. We love that they're perfect for all movers. The Oxfords provide gentle protection from life's lumps and bumps for crawlers, walkers, and wigglers. The Oxfords come in other beautiful colors, be sure to check out the whole collection.

Butterscotch Oxford Duchess and Fox

Duchess and Fox also carry adult shoes for women. They provide your feet with all the protection they need and all of the same benefits that kids get from minimalist (or barefoot) shoes.


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