Mary Janes Baby Shoes: Infant & Toddler Shoes For Little Feet

Mary Janes Baby Shoes: Infant & Toddler Shoes For Little Feet

When it comes to babies, tiny feet and toes are one of the most cherished moments for parents. Looking after your little one's feet is an essential part of parenting that some overlook, especially when it comes to footwear. Healthy feet need healthy shoes, and soft-soled Mary Janes for toddlers are ideal for growing feet.

Let's take a look at what sets Mary Janes apart.

What Type of Shoes Are Mary Janes?

Mary Jane might sound like a sweet baby girl's name, but when it comes to shoes, it refers to the style of the shoe in question. The shoes are beautiful, classy, and elegant. The rounded toe box (the front of the shoe where those little toes wiggle) is complemented with a thin strap that is usually fastened with a buckle or, in our case, a snap button to quickly put shoes on those busy feet and get them off.

When it comes to choosing the right baby Mary Janes for your bundle of joy that can offer them the proper support for healthy development and protection, it can seem complicated. It really doesn't have to be. This is where baby Mary Janes come in; they look as good as big kid shoes with soft sole benefits.

Soft Soled Mary Janes

What is the deal with soft soles, you might ask? Well, soft sole shoes are vital for proper arch development. As baby's feet grow and go through various phases, from learning to push the body into a crawl to the teetering cruise mode when they finally find their feet, there is a lot to learn and more development.

Soft-soled shoes allow growing feet to work naturally, with room for the toes to move and give your little one the ability to learn how to walk in the most natural way possible. Doesn't that sound great? It does to us.

Baby Girl Mary Janes

Newborn babies often need shoes to keep their little toes warm and protected from the elements or match a cute outfit. Little ones that are not mobile yet don't need shoes with a lot of grip. This is why soft-soled options are perfect as outer foot protection.

Mary Janes For Toddlers

When shopping for toddler shoes, there are many things to consider. Once they start teetering around and getting onto their feet, a little more traction is needed. Rubber soles are perfect for the mobile stage. They ensure that your little one has long-lasting shoes with all the traction they need.

Ruber Soft Soles

What sets a pair of soft sole shoes apart? Soft sole shoes are often measured on their ability to bend, from toe to heel, giving the little feet they fit the best experience when walking and developing. Many shoe stores stock stiff thick-soled shoes that don't allow your child to find the right way to create a robust natural arch, as well as natural foot development.

Duchess and Fox rubber soft sole Mary Janes are still soft enough to bend from toe to heel while offering slip resistance. All the benefits of well-made shoes with less risk of slipping sounds like a sweet deal to us.

Choosing The Right Mary Janes

Sometimes choosing the right Mary Jane is as simple as picking up a pair of classic black Mary Jane Shoes, baby will be comfortable and stylish no matter the occasion. Whether your preferences are pure soft sole leather shoes or a soft sole with a rubber base, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Stylish prints and designs mean your baby girl will be sure to look fabulous while toting fully functional footwear.

New Leopard Print Mary Janes - Duchess & Fox Footwear

Duchess and Fox Mary Jane Baby Shoes

Have you tried soft sole Mary Janes for your little one? If you are looking for the perfect shoe? To find the ideal Mary Jane for your little one, get in touch with Duchess and Fox, or browse our site for our premium U.S and Italian leather Mary Janes, shipped straight to your door. Our shoes mold to the shape of your child's foot while offering protection and an environment for proper development.

Other shoe styles to consider are T-Straps and multi-layer fringe boots such as unique and stylish little Trail Blazers.




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