Everything You Need to Know About Minimalist Shoes

Everything You Need to Know About Minimalist Shoes

Everything You Need to Know About Minimalist Shoes

Every friend group has a unique guy or gal who can't stop talking about their favorite pair of barefoot or minimalist shoes.

If you're like the rest of us, you don't know the difference between your favorite pair of Nike's and a pair of minimalist shoes.

Today, we're talking minimalist shoes from A to Z and cover everything you need to know about minimalist shoes.

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The basics of stylish minimalist shoes

What ARE minimalist shoes? Minimalist shoes are completely flat, thin sole shoes that allow your foot a natural walking experience -compared to traditional shoes.

The look and appeal of these shoes are different from the shoes we wear today.


Features of minimalist shoes

These shoes are different from your summer flip-flops, thick winter boots, and the ballet flats you keep in your shoe cubby.

Thin, flexible sole

A thin, flexible sole gives your foot and leg muscles complete control and allows for a full range of motion. With this sole, you walk naturally while still receiving protection from your natural environment.

Thin soles are still very comfortable and won't turn walking into an unpleasant experience.

Cozy, flexible material

A high-quality barefoot shoe will be made from sturdy, flexible, and comfortable material. You want your shoe to be able to protect your foot from your outside environment.

Two of the best materials for shoes are genuine leather or canvas.

Zero drop heel

What on earth is a zero drop heel? A zero heel-to-toe drop is a complicated name for a "flat sole." A flat sole will have NO difference between the heel to the toe area of the shoe. (It has a 0mm difference). Today, regular shoes come with raised heels that lock your body's muscles and change your natural gait while walking. With a zero drop heel, your body's hips, feet, and spine are allowed to stack naturally, and you regain a natural gait and walking pattern.

Wide toe box

While many people don't love the look and style of a wide toe box, there's a good reason every pair of high-quality minimalist shoes comes with one. A wide toe box allows your feet and toes to splay in a completely natural position—no need to cram your toes into a smaller space to fit into the shoe. Instead, the shoe is based on your foot's natural form and position.

No arch support

You might be thinking, "This is crazy! NO arch support?". We know it sounds a bit counterintuitive. Arch support is meant to help your foot, leg, and connected muscles walk comfortably throughout your day. There's a problem with that, though! Arch support locks the muscles in your feet and legs into one position all day long, which means what? That means your muscles are not allowed a full, unrestricted range of motion!

Secures and straps to your foot

Every pair of minimalist shoes comes with a strap, tie, or other securing feature that ensures the shoe will stay firmly on your foot. This means flip-flops don't count!

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Who should wear minimalist shoes?

Every man, woman, and child should wear minimalist shoes. But, as long as you don't have serious health concerns -related to your feet- there is no reason to skip the barefoot shoes.

Even if you do have health issues concerning your feet, with the help of a podiatrist, you may be able to transition to a natural way of walking with minimalist shoes.


Where can I buy minimalist shoes?

The most fashionable, stylish women's minimalist shoes and children's minimalist shoes are from Duchess and Fox.

What's to love about Duchess and Fox? They're one of the highest-rated women's minimalist shoe brands. They have a commitment to provide the highest quality products and their shoes are well-loved by children and adults.

Are there are health concerns or risks when wearing a minimalist shoe?

No, if you have healthy feet, there are no concerns about switching to a minimalist shoe.

There is a transition period when switching to minimalist shoes because your foot will "relearn" how to walk in a natural gait and pattern throughout your day.

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Transitioning to minimalist or barefoot shoes

Like any changes in your health or lifestyle, it's best to ease your feet and leg muscles into wearing minimalist shoes. Your feet have become accustomed to the locked positions of traditional shoes and will need time to transition to a natural way of walking.


Best minimalist shoes

There are great shoe options for every season. A fan favorite, Duchess and Fox, makes some of the best 100% genuine leather minimalist shoes.

Whether you're looking for shoes for your newborn or toddler, they have an incredible collection to browse through. 

If you want to discover different minimalist shoe style's, read more about that here

Women's minimalist shoes

If you're ready to transition to a barefoot shoe lifestyle, Duchess and Fox are here to lend a helping hand. You can view the whole women's collection or just check out the pair you love.

Our favorite pair of women's minimalist shoes is the LE Women's Red Mary Janes for spring. They are bright, cheery, and the best addition to your spring wardrobe.

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Children's minimalist shoes

Are you interested in giving your toddler's feet the best protection and exploring the world naturally? Duchess and Fox's minimalist shoes for children are exactly what you need. 

Soft sole baby shoes

Even your newest little bundle deserves comfort and style. Our soft sole baby shoes are incredibly comfortable on newborn feet and toes.

With six styles to choose from, there's a perfect pair of soft sole baby shoes for every newborn's feet. The parent and fan favorite are the adorable little baby moccasins. Check out the large collection to find your favorite pair. 

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